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        This webpage is to show and tell you a little bit about my adventure to Aviano, Italy.  Aviano is located in the Northeastern part of Italy.  If you happen to have a map, atlas, or even a globe, look for Venice.  Then, look north for the beginning of the Alps.  Aviano is situated against the base of the Italian Alps.  A very awesome and beautiful place to visit.  Below is a small photo gallary and story of what the photos are.  I do hope that you enjoy the little tour of my trip to Aviano, Italy.

    We will begin from the flight into Italy.  The photograph below is of the Alps as I fly over them in the airplane.

As you can see, the Alps were covered with snow.  I visited Italy in the very late part of April and stayed until the first part of July.

    Below are a couple of photographs of Pordenone, Italy.  This is the city that I actually stayed in while visiting Italy.  The building in the second photograph is the city "courthouse."  This is a rather large establishment.

I stayed in the Hotel Santin located in Pordenone, Italy about 20 minutes Southwest of Aviano.   There was a Chinese restaurant downstairs that was truly great.  I personally liked the Sweet & Sour Chicken with White Rice.  The egg rolls tasted better than any of the American style egg rolls that I have eaten.

    Here are a couple of views from my hotel window. I stayed on the 4th floor and looked out over the highway you see in the above photo.

Yes, these photos were taken from the same window at the same location, however at different times.  The larger photo is of a very beautiful morning over Pordenone and the Alps.  The photo directly below is to show the greenery of the area.  This town, like most others in the area, has many shrubs, trees, grass, and other plants.  I perceive that they believe in a very green city.

    Here is a photo of the nearby park in Pordenone.  I found about 3 parks in the city, however there could be more.

    The below picture is a railroad bridge along side the highway in which is in front of the Hotel Santin.  It looked like a pretty scene so I snapped a photo.

    Just for kicks and grins, here is a photo of the shower that I used in the hotel room.  I must admit that it was a bit tight in there to maneuver around.  I did manage, but it was tricky.

    My dear friends, I must show you the vehicles that I drove over there.  I know that I have told a few of you about the reason of why I drove 3 different cars in a matter of 73 days.  However, for those of you that have not heard of the story, please allow me to tell you.

      Car2.jpg (30099 bytes)    Car-3.jpg (33827 bytes)

The blue car, a Fiat Punto Sole, was an equivalent to our American Geo/Chevrolet Metro but slightly bigger.  This car was equipped with a 4 cylinder engine, 5 speed transmission, rear wiper, moveable headlights (they could be moved down or up.  A very awesome feature that I want on my truck), bucket reclining seats, and a rear defroster.  To let you know, the following cars were all of the same vehicle make and model.  They also had the exact same options.  The blue Fiat was car number 1.  I was involved in a rear end collision.  Someone was driving a minivan and was putting his ID card back in his wallet and at the last minute, saw me.  Well, he attempted to swurve away but hit the right rear of the car.  It damaged the car and the right rear rim of the wheel.   Car #2 was a Forest Green Fiat Punto Sole.  The engine started to die while on my way to the hotel.  It started to chug and spit and sputter.  Last, but not least was car #3.  It was a red Fiat Punto Sole.  There was nothing wrong with it at all.  But I left before anything else could happen to it or me. 

    Below are a series of photos from the top of the Alps.  The views overlooks Aviano.

    Here are a couple of photos from Aviano.  The first 2 photos are of the Castle de Aviano (Aviano Castle).  I was unable to get into the place, however across the road was a little overlook towards Aviano.

    Now we've come up to my little day in Venice.  I took a train from Pordenone, about 5 blocks or so from the Hotel Santin, to Venice.  This place was awesome as well.  It is every bit beautiful and "full of water" as you see on various television shows and movies.

St. Marco's Square

Two canals with the famous Gondola's


    Below, the Rialto Bridge that you see in the photo overlooks the main canal in Venice.  The photo actually looking over the canal was taken from the center of the bridge.  This bridge contained many little shops.  A cool place.

    Well, that was my little tour of Italy.  I hope that you have enjoyed the little story and the photos.  If you happen to have any questions, please e-mail me at InfamousWB@bloom-enterprises.com